Jason Robb Designer & Illustrator based in Boston MA, USA

What I do, in general

  1. Design and build software, websites, & web apps
  2. Illustrate seemingly complex ideas in a simple way

See me in action

Specializing generalist

Yep, that’s a thing. I can work from concept to completion, or fill a specific design role on your team.

Jason Robb creating visual notes

Interfaces & prototypes

I design interfaces down to the pixel, and I build prototypes that connect to databases. Buzzword!

Interface design

Graphic recording

I create visual notes during conferences and meetings to help attendees better remember what they’ve learned.

Graphic recording for conferences and meetings

Design workshops

I organize and facilitate design workshops for small groups or individuals.

Design workshop

2012-04-25 A new portfolio is on the way. Get in touch if you’d like to see more in the mean time. Thanks!

What I do, more specifically

Design from concept to completion

  • Interaction design and interface design for complex web apps or simple websites
  • Concept development and design workshops for startups or anyone with an idea
  • User research, contextual interviews, and usability testing
  • Prototypes on paper and in HTML, my favorite

Illustrations and graphic recording

  • Graphic recording for conferences, workshops, and individuals
  • Simple illustrations for web, print, and display (like presentation slides)

Who I’ve worked with

Here’s a handful of the companies and individuals I’ve worked with.

My availability

At the moment I’m available and interested in both part-time & full-time employment.

Let’s talk

  1. Send me an email, I’ll respond the next business day
  2. We’ll set up a phone call to discuss your needs and my capabilities